Cat and Dog Grooming Sparta Tennessee

 My goal at D'tails is to have a human salon quality shop!  Clean, open, and safe environment for your pet to to be groomed.  Whether you have a puppy dog or a kitty cat, i offer full services for either of your fur babies.  You can choose from a basic groom, full groom, or customize your groom with add ons.  I will do my best to make your pet look and feel great!  My shop is clean, free of fleas and stinkyness ;). Open shop layout, so you can see where your pet will be bathed, dried, and groomed!   I am adding in more supplies, treats, healthcare products, etc... on the Boutique side of the shop.  All grooms at D'tails are by appointment only, I am the owner and the groomer, so your pet will be one on one with me at all times.  I am an educated and caring groomer, i use all natural products made in the u.s.a, for my preference and your pets health.  I DO NOT in any way use any sedatives or drugs to control pets.

Oscar after his bath ;)

I attended National Cat Grooming Institute of America in Greenville, SC and became a Certified Master Feline Groomer.  I also attended Concord Grooming School in Knoxville, TN where I learned dog grooming hands on, and online at All About Dog Grooming where I learned pet anatomy and grooming.  Canine or feline, I can take care of your pet grooming needs!


In D'tails Boutique, I offer epi-pet products, which I highly recommend, and use on my own pets!  Epi-Pet has an awesome product line to help you pets skin and coat.  I also offer dental products, treats, clothing, beds, collars and leads, grooming and care supplies, etc...